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Music Moves is voor alle jongeren die geloven in de magische kracht van muziek. Voor de nieuwe generatie sociaal ondernemers en event professionals. Met dit creatieve trainingsprogramma leer jij de ...

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4 x Music Moves training - Saturday mornings (English class)

4–8 uur/week · 25 aug – 16 okt
Nijmegen, Gelderland, Nederland
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Aanmeldingen sluiten in 11 days.50 plaatsen over.
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Samenvatting➾ Develop your talents
➾ Organise your own music event
➾ Trainings in social entrepreneurship, among other things
➾ Expand your network in the music business
Uitgebreide omschrijving

In six weeks we will train and prepare you to organise your own music event or challenge for people who deserve to be seen more. A disco for deaf people. DJ workshops for refugees. Percussion and salsa sessions at a nursing home, or making music together with mentally disabled people. What will your Music Moves event look like? Sign up for the training programme and organise your own Music Moves event!


You will follow a training programme of four Saturday morning classes in which you will be prepared to shape your own event. Of course, you will not do this on your own, but as a team of three! Professionals from the cultural sector will prepare you and guide you and your team to the event.




Kick off

We start the programme with a crazy Kick-off. Expect music, artists, trainers and other inspiring changemakers.


When: Wednesday August the 25th from 19:00 to 21:00

Where: Doornroosje

Who: Artists and local heroes


Training 1 - Purpose & leadership

So you are going to organise a musical event from a social point of view. Great! 


But why are you doing this? What impact do you want to make with your event? From which motivation and motives are you going to work? In this training we reflect on our own passion, talents and values and work towards a personal mission statement for your event. Then we look outside the city, which people deserve extra attention and pleasure in your eyes? After today you will have made a choice for which people, target group or organisation you will organise an event for!


When? Saturday 4 September from 10:00 to 13:00

Where: Theaterzaal C, Elinor Ostrom Building, Heyendaalseweg 141, Nijmegen


Training 2 - Social organisations & vulnerable target groups

You are going to organise an event for people outside your own social bubble. How to do it?


In this training we focus on the people we are going to organise a great event for. How do you meet their needs and wishes? Who are these people and what are their life stories? By learning to listen well and to consider the uniqueness of each person, you will not only increase your own empathy, you will also broaden your perspective on people and society. By engaging in conversation with people from vulnerable target groups, we train our listening and conversation skills and learn to connect with the experiences of others.


When? Saturday 11 September from 10:00 - 13:00

Where: On location at a social organisation


Training 3: Creation & event organisation

"Music is powerful. As people listen to it, they can be affected. They respond." - Ray Charles


In this training: music, creativity and culture are central. What is so special about music events that makes attendees feel so connected? How do you do that as an organiser, ensuring a lively and free atmosphere? Led by cultural entrepreneurs Brent Roozendaal and Mauke Rodermond (organisers of Drift Festival, among others), we learn what makes organising cultural events so special. Next to that, we will brainstorm creatively to come up with an inspiring concept for our own event.


When? Saturday 18 September from 10:00 - 13:00

Where: Brebl


Training 4 - Social entrepreneurship & project skills

How do you build a community around a great idea? Social entrepreneurship is about learning to see (social) value and connecting the right parties to it.


In this training we focus on social entrepreneurship and everything that comes with realising an idea on your own initiative. How do you ensure a business model, sponsors, volunteers and the involvement of social organisations? In short: how do you build a community to make your idea or event a success? 


When? Saturday 25 September from 10:00 - 13:00

Where: LUX


Elaboration, preparations

The last week of September and the first week of October are used to fine-tune your event so that all those involved are fully prepared! 

Music Moves Event

Showtime! Your event will take place in the week of October the 10th - 16th.


What do we offer you?

  • An inspiring training programme with trainers and professionals from the social and cultural sector
  • Personal coaching during the programme
  • Build your network and talents
  • Your first steps towards social entrepreneurship
  • A community of other musical changemakers
  • Lots of music


What do we ask from you?

  • Eager to organise something cool
  • Your presence at the 4 training sessions
  • 4 to 8 hours of commitment per week during the programme (+- 6 weeks)
  • The desire to create something beautiful together!

Any questions? Feel free to send a message.

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Over Music Moves Nijmegen
Music Moves is voor alle jongeren die geloven in de magische kracht van muziek. Voor de nieuwe generatie sociaal ondernemers en event professionals. Met dit creatieve trainingsprogramma leer jij de vaardigheden om je eigen muziekevent of challenge te organiseren voor mensen die te weinig gezien worden in onze samenleving. Geef bijvoorbeeld een salsa workshop aan ouderen, organiseer jamsessies met Nieuwe Nederlanders of Hiphop battles met jongeren met een beperking. Je krijgt de tools, begeleiding en het netwerk waarmee jij groeit naar een succesvolle en maatschappelijk bewuste professional.
Aanmeldingen sluiten in 11 days.50 plaatsen over.
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